Loyalty Terms & Conditions:


  1. Loyalty Program Overview

By enrolling and participating in the Loyalty Program, you agree that you have read and understand these Terms & Conditions and are bound by all of them, as may be amended from time to time.


  1. Agreement

Your purchase of any product or service on this Site forms a legally binding agreement between you and Screenline Ltd. (Trading as Cathay Cinemas) on these Conditions of Sale in addition to the Terms of Use.


  1. Participation in the Loyalty Program

The Cathay Cinemas Loyalty program, membership and its benefits are only available at www.cathaycinemas.co.nz and/or 27 Hobson Ave, Kerikeri.


  1. Parental Approval for Children

Children under the age of 16 may not purchase any product or service from this Site and without the permission and assistance of their parent or guardian to do this.


  1. To participate in the Program, individuals must have a valid mobile phone number and be 14 years of age or older.


  1. Loyalty program membership is not-transferable, is not redeemable for cash and is non-refundable.


  1. Enrolment also requires the creation of a password which must be used to access your Member Account online. Members are responsible for maintaining the secrecy of their password, for all activities that occur using their account. Any unauthorized access to their account must be notified to Cathay Cinemas.


  1. Members will be automatically enrolled into and consent to receiving marketing communications, including Cathay Cinemas weekly newsletter and occasional special events newsletters. It is the responsibility of the individual to set their own communication preferences. Members can opt-out of these marketing communications at any stage by selecting unsubscribe on their newsletter email footer.


  1. Benefits of the Loyalty Program Membership


  1. Free Ticket
  • The free enrolment ticket is redeemable for one general admission seat to any movie session. This pass may not be used for premieres, special events, group events or in the eventually of a “no free list” imposed by the Distributor of the feature film.
  • Film classification rules apply. Valid ID is required as proof of age.
  • The Cinema Manager’s decision is final.
  • The free enrolment ticket has no monetary value and therefore cannot be exchanged for cash, it’s not transferable and cannot be re-sold.


  1. Loyalty Program Membership Categories.


  • Adult
    • Up to 2 Adult tickets available at a discounted rate per movie.
  • Senior/Student (valid ID is required to join).
    • Up to 2 Senior or up to 2 Student tickets available at a discounted rate per movie.
    • Students: to continue to maintain beyond the initial 12 months, the member must be eligible for such category. The person must be an enrolled student at an education institution or equivalent and be able to show a valid student card at the time of renewal.
    • Senior: the person must be 65 years of age or older.
  • Family
    • Up to 2 Adult and/or up to 2 Child tickets available at a discounted rate per movie.
    • Child: the person must be 13 years old or younger.


  • The member is entitled to discounted ticket prices to be accessed at the cinema counter or online. Each category will determine what discount is available to the member.


  1. Expiration of Loyalty Program Membership
  • Membership is valid for 12 months from the setup date.


  1. Members are able to move to a different Loyalty category at any time, by paying the appropriate fee if applicable.


  1. Online Fees
  • The purchasing of products or services may be subject to booking, credit card and other fees. Cathay Cinemas reserved the right to vary the amount of this booking fee from time to time, as specified in the ticket purchase process.


  1. Additional Charges
  • may apply for 3D films and will apply for the hire of 3D glasses.


  1. Loyalty Card


  1. The Loyalty card is not transferable and must not be given to other individuals to secure benefits from the Loyalty Program. This excludes, children whose parents are holders of a Family Card.
  2. The Loyalty card should be presented at the point of sale when making any purchase.
  3. Cathay Cinemas shall be entitled to assume that any person that purports to be a member and provides a Loyalty Card is in fact a member. The till operator shall be entitled to reveal to any such person any and all information relating to their membership and bookings, and treat and act on any request of such person, without taking any further steps to verify the identity of the person.


  1. Lost, stolen or damaged membership card
  • Lost or stolen cards should be reported immediately by notifying Cathay Cinemas customer service team.
  • Cathay Cinemas is not responsible for any redemption made by a third party using a lost or stolen Loyalty Program card.
  • Members can collect a replacement card at the cinema counter on their next visit. Valid ID is required before a replacement card is issued. A replacement fee of $5.- will be applicable for each re-issued card.


  1. No Guarantee
  • Cathay Cinemas reserves the right to change, modify, limit or cancel any of the Loyalty Program benefits at any time. This includes increasing or decreasing any requirements for a benefit, changing the value or limiting their availability.
  • Cathay Cinemas reserves the right to amend or alter the terms and conditions of the Loyalty Program at any time.


  1. Termination and Liability
  • If in Cathay Cinemas’ reasonable opinion, a member is using their membership in an abusive or fraudulent way, has failed to comply with these terms and conditions, has committed unlawful act or causes willful damage, Cathay Cinemas has the right to:
    • Immediately terminate their Loyalty Program Membership;
    • Suspend their membership temporarily until further notice.
  • On the death of a person who is a member of the Loyalty Program the membership will automatically terminate.
  • Cathay Cinemas reserves the right to terminate the Loyalty Program at any time without assigning any reason or giving prior notice.


  1. Governing Law and Jurisdiction
  • The terms and conditions of the Loyalty Program are governed by and will be construed in accordance with the laws of New Zealand irrespective of where the application for membership has been completed.
  • Nothing in these terms and conditions affects any rights a Loyalty member may have and which by law cannot be excluded, including under the New Zealand Fair Trading Act and Consumer Guarantees Act.